Česká zbrojovka improves maintenance by Plant Maintenance for SyteLine

Last year Česká zbrojovka decided to transfer the outsourcing of their machinery maintenance to own internal service. The reason for the change was on one hand an effort to improve planned repairs of equipment, and the other hand better control of costs and connection of downtimes with planning and managing production in SyteLine.  For this purpose Plant Maintenance for SyteLine was chosen, which went live at the beginning of February 2014. The advantage of Plant Maintenance module is full integration with SyteLine and its APS module, also workflow and Workbench reporting system can be used.

The maintenance system works with two levels – planned and unplanned maintenance. Planned equipment downtimes are automatically transferred to the APS planning in SyteLine and so they can be included in available capacities. Downtimes are also transferred into APS for incidents, but because of their nature they affect primarily short-term (daily) work schedule. In both cases terminal data collection is used for reporting work spent with maintenance. TDC is also used for reporting machinefailure, which is faster than regular phone call and reliability of such records is, of course, much better.

Maintenance evaluation is done in Workbench module. Following characteristics are monitored: lead time since reporting an incident, until processing incident in the system, up to the moment of beginning of the work to its finishing. In addition to that, costs are evaluated by departments, naturally to the level of individual machines.

Among immediate benefits belongsincreasing the speed and enhancing failure recording, thanks to their reporting via TDC. In case of unplanned incidents, it is improvinginformation flow and response time. The long-term benefit of planned maintenance should be less unexpected failures, which means less collisions with production schedule and so increasing the throughput, or more precisely better use of available capacities. Even now further development and use of the new module are being discussed, for example possibilities of automatic reporting of failure by a machine using DNC network and reporting incidents to maintenance cellular phone.

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