Did you know that..

using Infor SyteLine and WorkFlow module you can send an automatic notification of upcoming deadline or a reminder after a deadline to a respective vendor? A buyer needs to get material not only at an affordable price, in a good quality, but mainly in the time required for continuity of production – neither sooner nor later. The fact that vendors fulfill deadlines once in a blue moon is the reality of every manufacturing company. And, unfortunately, adds useless work (not only) to buyers, who check status, write e-mails and make calls…


Let’s Do Things Differently

Using Infor SyteLine WorkFlow, you can send a notification of upcoming deadline or reminder of a deadline to a respective vendor. What do you need for that ?

  1. Create a workflow with a notification (the easiest way is to use our template).
  2. Enter valid e-mail addresses to vendors.
  3. Create purchase orders.
  4. Let the system send a notification to the vendor and automatic overviews to you.


  • You do not have to find out which purchase orders of which vendor are past deadline.
  • You do not have to write e-mails, the system will take care of it according to its settings.
  • WorkFlow sends a message depending to the situation – simple notification of a deadline or strong remainder of an order past deadline.
  • The system never forgets about any purchase order.
  • The buyer is informed about notification sent by internal mail or e-mail.

Automatic notification of purchase order


  • You only do activities that are useful (you reduce waste).
  • Decrease the additional cost as a result of late delivery of material.
  • You are raising your vendors.

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