Completion of SyteLine Implementation in Sanborn

The deployment of comprehensive information system is a challenging process for every company, and it has not been any different for Sanborn. The company deployed Infor SyteLine to live environment at the turn of May and June this year. During the first weeks after the go-live, customer needs and receives all the necessary support to solve their questions and requirements.

In Sanborn, SyteLine covers all basic business processes, including economic, production and logistic processes. The Czech localization of accounting and the Assets module are also part of the delivery. The implementation was not only time-consuming, but also challenging in terms of content; for example, in the technical preparation of the production.

Considering the complexity of implementation, customer receives all necessary support from the implementation team after the go-live. Silvestr Dvořák, project manager in Sanborn, comments on that topic: “…basically, there is no list of questions. Most all of them are resolved remotely and almost immediately. Before another question appears, the previous one is already gone..”

We are now dealing with user questions and requests that are not crucial for use of the information system, but provide greater user convenience and speed up the work with the system. Currently, there is a great emphasis on the fact that production should not be managed operatively but systematically, based on the outputs of the integrated planning and scheduling (APS) module – which is one of the main goals of SyteLine implementation. Consultations dealing with the use of planning are taking place; yet imperfect outputs help with error detection and debugging data.