Ondřejovická strojírna upgraded to SyteLine 8


At the turn of November Ondřejovická strojírna upgraded to SyteLine version 8. The project of transition to the new version was initiated and lead as an technological upgrade to prepare the company for further development and use of the information system, mainly in relation to APS planning.

As a part of the project users took the opportunity to purge old data that were no longer in use, such as customers or vendors. There was also deployed newly revised accountancy module, which ease of use is highly appreciated by its users.

A new module, Workbench, is already in use, especially data views prepared by ITeuro consultants. Data views replaced some reports, for example evaluation of customer orders including exchange rate differences. A detailed training in Workbench is going to take place, so that the administrator or advanced users themselves could create and modify data views and KPI indicators.

About the Company

Ondřejovická strojírna specializes in job-order manufacture of pressure equipment, and the company is also entitled to produce technical equipment for nuclear power engineering. The company has been using Infor SyteLine since version 5.