Upgrade to SyteLine 8 in Finidr is Approaching its Finale

Some time ago, Finidr, s.r.o decided to change its current ERP – SyteLine 7, which is in use since 2001. The project of an upgrade to SyteLine 8 is not just a technological upgrade but also an opportunity to clean data and replace Data Collection with a newer solution: Terminal Data Collection. The implementation of new modules, Workbench and Workflow, is a part of the project plan as well.

Finidr uses many specific modifications in the information system, either delivered or created in-house. Modifications including in-house customizations are transferred to the new version. The change of interface to the accounting system Ventus, which was recently upgraded to a higher version, is a part of new modifications. Final examination and reconciliation of transferred modifications, SyteLine customizations and changes to the interface are currently in progress.

It is also assumed that possibilities of new SyteLine version related to planning and scheduling will be used, as they are in very intensive use. After the deployment of Workbench and Workflow, following benefits from use of these modules are expected – i.e. easier and faster access to data, automation of processes and some tasks.

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