Workshop: What if You Could Always Deliver on Time?

For a manufacturing company, it is crucial to satisfy its customers, deliver on time and at the same time comply with quality and budget. With the growing volume of orders, there is a threat that you will not be able to utilize your production capacity as well as possible, and plan your orders properly. You can suffer substantial financial losses, but also lose the trust of your customer. However, you can eliminate the risk. How? Come to visit our workshop about information system – Infor SyteLine.


Advanced Planning and Scheduling of Production in SyteLine

A half-day workshop from the ‘What if you could always deliver on time?’ series is focused on benefits for manufacturing companies, including presentations of reference projects. Come to learn new trends in production and to find out how Infor SyteLine solution can help you. The main topic of the workshop is advanced planning and scheduling of production (APS). The workshop also includes a presentation of Martin Zárečný, Production Director at Grund, and live demonstration of Infor SyteLine on the topic of planning and scheduling.

Where and when

Thursday 12th June 2014 at Infor premises, event organizer:
Infor Global Solutions (CZ), s.r.o.
City Empiria, Na Strži 1702/65
140 62 Praha 4

The workshop is free of charge. In case of any questions, you can contact us by e-mail; or by telephone +420 591 162 421.


9:30–9:45 Registration
9:45–10:00 Introduction – ITeuro
10.00–10:45 Experience with planning and scheduling in Grund, Martin Zárečný
10:45–11:00 Break
11:00–12:15 Live demonstration of Infor SyteLine – Tomáš Píšek, ITeuro
12:15–13:00 Discussion and questions, lunch


 Note: The workshop will be held in Czech language.

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