Kovo Rybka, s.r.o. Chose Infor SyteLine

Kovo Rybka, s.r.o. decided to deploy the Infor SyteLine information system, including finite capacity planning and scheduling, localized accounting and plant maintenance.Although it is a small company, they decided to use the quality control module, mainly to satisfy the high demands on quality management and control of their customers; after all, the company holds a certificate of ISO 9001: 2009.

The deployment of SyteLine in company of such size is interesting; for example, because Kovo Rybka, s.r.o. is a small family business with about 25 employees. Based on the company size, we have agreed on different approach to the implementation – Kovo Rybka will perform the greater part of the deployment by own needs. ITeuro will provide services mainly related to training, or more precisely proposing the solution. The first phase of deployment will focus on live use of the system, including production planning and scheduling, but without any or with minimal modifications. Other modules will follow during the next phases, such as quality control and plant maintenance.

The deployment of Infor SyteLine in such small company is very rare, yet the company has decided for SyteLine. The owner of the company, Ladislav Rybka, notes: “Apart from attending standard presentations, we have also tested the individual systems in the demo environment during the selection of the new IS. For most systems, we sooner or later came across a problem, mostly related to production planning, that we didn’t want to accept. Although Infor SyteLine is primarily designed for bigger companies than ours, I believe that thanks to its high degree of development in production and integrated APS we will enhance the production efficiency and delivery reliability.

About the company

Kovo Rybka, s.r.o. offers CNC machining of rotating and non-rotating parts of various materials including plastics and metal alloys. The company implemented quality control management system and was awarded with ISO 9001:2009 certificate from TÜV SÜD authority.