SyteLine 8 spins brake disks in EURAC Hradec

EURAC Hradec, s.r.o. went live with Infor SyteLine 8. The company is part of international group EURAC and all companies uses Infor SyteLine in multisite configuration. EURAC specialises in the casting, machining and distribution of brake discs.

SyteLine has been already in use in other companies of the group and so, the project was not classic implementation, but so called rollout, when experience, processes and modifications are transferred from one factory to another. ITeuro helped with project management, training, process simulation and data import. ITeuro also implemented SyteLine Czech financial package. Whole implementation took less than four months due to reuse of existing processes and modifications.

The project was different and interesting in several ways. Consultants had to learn processes used in fellow company in UK, customize them so they conform to Czech financial package and local law requirements and transfer the knowledge to key users in Hradec. Project was managed together with and reported to EURAC UK and Infor UK.

One of the project’s challeng was to connect Czech Hradec site to existing multistite infrastructure. EURAC group uses multisite functionality for financial reporting of the whole group. Due to different accounting standards in Czech republic, it was necessary to setup, besides other things, account numbers translation from Czech standards to those used in EURAC group. 

Infor SyteLine covers all basic company’s processes. Manufacturing process is in the system from the begining, means from melting, casting and finally machining of the product. To mantain the formula of the alloy, phantom item are used. In different products are simply used respective phantom item instead of it’s components. SyteLine baypass the phantom item during the job order preparation and replaces the phantom with basic materials – iron and alloying elements, all in the right ratio and amount required for the job lot.