Did you know that…?

…using Terminal Data Collection and wireless reader you can carry out a physical inventory in an hour? Physical inventory is a legal obligation that has to be fulfilled at least once a year. It is clear that such activity usually does not generate an enthusiasm among employees. Of course, who would jump with joy when printing inventory sheets, manually browsing and controlling hundreds of lines and then re-writing them into the information system. And what about when something does not match.

Do Things Differently

In Infor SyteLine you can carry out a physical inventory using Terminal Data Collection (TDC) application – more comfortably and in a fraction of the time previously spent. You will do with the following four steps:

  • Set up so called cycle counts (type of inventory check) in Infor SyteLine.
  • Using wireless reader and TDC – Physical Inventory go through the warehouse, scan barcodes of items, and record the current state into the information system.
  • Deal with discrepancies.
  • Print the report of the current state, sign it, and end the physical inventory.

Benefits of the Solution

  • There is no need to print inventory sheets.

    Physical Inventory

  • There is no need to look up items in any list, the warehouse worker just scans the barcode.
  • There is no need to manually input data into the information system. For each item scanned, the employee only enters the counted quantity that is immediately recorded into Infor SyteLine.
  • If you use unique serial numbers, then you only enter this number – the system automatically recognizes the item and adds the piece to the others.

Are you interested in shortening a physical inventory to a quarter of the time previously spent? How would you like reducing the physical inventory cost, not to mention mistakes associated with it?

  • Make your inventory records more accurate – contact us.