Did you know that SyteLine forms can be opened pre-filtered?

A new option was added to Infor SyteLine 8: a possibility to open a form filtered according to the user’s need with one click. This means that the user does not have to entry the filter every time the form opens as it opens pre-filtred, and so directly shows the required data.

How to Do it?

A typical example is that a buyer wants to display only his purchased items. The assignment is as follows: to open Items form, so that all purchased items of mine are immediately displayed. The solution lies in a few simple steps:

  • Filter settings is available only in English SyteLine environment. As a first step it is therefore necessary to switch to the English language: ViewSettingsRunBehaviour – choose English language (United States).
  • In My Folders create a shortcut to Items form – or continue with already existing shortcut to a form.
  • Then right-click over Items shortcut and choose the last option: Properties.
  • Enter the following text into the Parameters field: SETVARVALUES(InitialCommand=Refresh) FILTER(Buyer like ‘sa’ AND PMTCode=’P’).
  • Put the applicable buyer’s name instead of ‘sa’ (do not remove the quotation marks).

Explorer Object Properties

Then you only click the OK button, and you can test if the form opens pre-filtered.

FILTER and SETVARVALUES commands are not the only ones you can use. Another example may be ORDER, using which you can set sorting of the results. More detailed information is available at the support department .

Final tip: change the name of a shortcut using the F2 key, so that it depicts the given filter, for example to „My purchased items“.