Did you know that SyteLine can monitor system processes and report it?

Nothing comes out… Hmm, did I print the report or not? Well, I’ll give it another try … Nothing, again. Could I click wrong? Oh no, it’s not working. Let’s call the administrator … administrator, a problem, solve it, and fast, a truck is waiting on a delivery note.

Such scenario is not unusual; sometimes it happens that a system service fails. But it would be, of course, better if the system administrator or support staff learned about the problem as soon as possible. And here SyteLine 8 may help with its standard feature of service status monitoring, including possibility of sending information about service failure/suspension.

The result of last check of  SyteLine TaskMan service.

Monitoring sources is a standard feature since 8.03.00. Monitoring is not connected only with SyteLine services, but with any system services on utility server. Standard inspection interval is set to 30 seconds and may be changed. If the service is not running, a message is sent to selected individuals into their internal SyteLine mail, or (according to the settings) to a standard e-mail address. Besides monitoring system services, it is also possible to check the disk space. In this case, a message is sent only if the space used exceeds the defined percentage value of the total capacity.

Detailed information about the settings are available at support department.