Did you know that …?

The whole implementation of an information system revolves around processes. Processes, of course, need to be recorded somewhere: a regular user will do it in Word, more experienced one will use Visio or other specialized tool. But why not to record a process directly in ERP?

In Infor 10 ERP Business (SyteLine) there is an integrated tool using which you can draw the process. It is taken for granted that the process diagram will be interactive, that is to open an associated form by one click or to open a document with help or description of the process. Customer can record the process themselves or it may be done by our consultant together with a key user.


  • Diagram of processes is drawn directly in Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine).
  • The process map is interactive – forms can be opened by a mouse click.
  • You can also record processes outside the ERP system.
  • For every diagram there is available a detail description of a process or instructions in any file format.
  • The map can be saved and loaded to different configuration or form.

Inventory Control Process Flow

If you are interested in this feature and want to use it in Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine) 8.03, write us at info@iteuro.cz (please name the subject as follows: Description – process diagrams) and we will send you detail description of how to create a process diagram.