Mass Update of Planning Parameters

We have developed a tool for Infor SyteLine that enables mass update of parameters affecting planning on current and job operations: all with a goal to reach better results of planning easier and faster. The module allows, for selected work centers, to perform mass changes in resource groups, to set default number of resources and even to dynamically change number of resources according to the production batch.

For whom is the module designed?

  • You change or complete the resource model, whether because of improvement or other changes in the company, or you need to implement changes to hundreds of operations.
  • You change the default number of resources.
  • You often have discrepancies in sizes of production batches, and so you need to dynamically set numbers of resource on job orders.

Planning Parameter Mass Update allows you to solve requests, and so reach better planning results. The module is intended for mass change of planning parameters on current operations and job operations for the selected work center. Changes are made when the current state differs from the required state – according to setting of parameters (to minimize changes in the database). Processing of the update can be set as a background task, or it can be run manually.

If you are interested in this solution, do not hesitate to contact us for further information or an offer.

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