Bulk Print of Drawings and Manufacturing Documentation

It is necessary in manufacturing companies to deliver to the workshop not only documentation such as routing, material list, but also drawings. They are usually copied from directories of individual job orders (items), or printed one-by-one from a CAD storage. But searching, printing or copying of drawings costs time and considerable amount of money. There is a better solution, and that is to automatically print the drawing during its release into production.

The tool for bulk print of drawings and manufacturing documentation speeds up releasing and distribution of technological and design documentation into production. What are the benefits, how does it work?

  • The solution uses forms you already known: Job Order and Job Packet.
  • Documentation can be printed in bulk for all job orders released by the logged user, or for the selected range of job orders.
  • It is possible to print any documents for manufacturing items, such as drawings, procedures or documents attached as note (link) to a PDF file for a specific job item. Acceptance of drawings in PDF format eliminates complications with different formats and versions file of various CAD tools.
  • To simplify the work the drawings are aggregated and printed all at once. The solution also allows you to print correctly pages in different sizes (e.g. A3, A4). Open Source library PDFsharp enables aggregation and printing PDF files, and so all PDF versions supported by this library can be printed.
  • Saving a (PDF) drawing with the item simplifies the central administration, fully in electronic form. The case when a new revision of an item’s drawing exists and an older one is still valid has been also covered. The item just needs to be accompanied by both drawings, and they both will be printed.
Print of drawings


If you are interested in this solution, do not hesitate to contact us for further information or an offer.

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