Displaying of Control Sums during Purchase Order Receipt

Supply management is a key issue for any manufacturing company. Receipt of a purchase order or multiple purchase orders is easy in SyteLine, involving just one activity. However, in case of processing multiple lines during the receipt (and not using advanced solutions of barcode readers and TDC), the control over cost and total number of items is a bit more difficult.

This is why we added extra fields on Purchase Order Receipt form: calculation of cost of the given line and also total cost of the receipt made. This extension brings following benefits:

  • The feature allows you to check the total receipt cost with the price on a delivery note or an invoice.
  • Because of a regular check, it is possible to correct discrepancies before confirming the receipt and so to avoid a necessity to use a return transaction and generate differences.
  • Information on total number of items received, that can be compared with the delivery note items, is at your disposal.

Formulář Příjem nákupní objednávky s políčky pro kontrolu nákladů příjmu

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