About us

The sense of our existence is fully set in our mission:

We help manufacturing companies reach their goals by better managed processes.

  • We Help – it is a continuous and repeated process. Our relationship with customers resembles a marriage more than a concluded commercial contractual relationship.

“One hand cannot clap alone.” Chinese proverb

  • Manufacturing Companies – our customers are production companies. We are proud of the fact that we cooperate with companies which can produce something. Every one of our customers is somehow unique, inimitable and exceptional and every one creates a valuable product.

„If you want to build up a big company, first of all, build up yourself.“ Tomáš Baťa

  • Reach their goals – every developing company has its own visions, dreams and images. Through a joint partnership and providing of know-how, we head for their fulfilment.

„Through hardship to the stars.“ Latin proverb

  • By better managed – by means of modern tools and controlling methods as well as through continuous education and passing of experience, we create new metrics, statistics and trends which provide more developed company management.

„If not measured, it is not controlled.“ Managerial rule

  • Processes – are fundamental elements of every company. If optimized, they can save your time as well as resources, capacities and human energy.

„Give a man fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.“ Chinese proverb