Infor Global Solutions

Infor is the third biggest company in the field of business information systems in the world. It purchases well-established software products which have rich integrated functionality and then it improves them. It invests in product innovation and in its improvement and it endeavours to shorten implementation. Globally, it provides software, services and support and it offers a flexible possibility of their purchase.

ITeuro is a channel partner for the Czech and Slovak Republics which makes use of the specialized SW from its portfolio in order to support manufacturing companies and its processes in order to increase customer’s competitive advantage.



A supplier of high-quality HW equipment for realization of projects and supplies – servers, work stations. ITeuro is a business partner who makes use of high-quality and resistant HW resources.



Microsoft was established in 1975 and it is the world leader in software providing as well as providing of services and solutions which help people and companies all over the world fully realize their potential. The Czech branch of Microsoft started its operation in 1992. ITeuro is a partner which makes use of operating systems and the SQL database as the keystone of business solutions.


ApSo, spol. s r.o. was established in 1991 with the aim to support end-users in introduction and operation of information systems. On the basis of long-term practical experience, it has developed its own product, EIS APSO, which is characterized by easy and clear operation, safety of stored data and its transaction processing. In this way, an information system, which the company itself introduces, secures its operation and uses it for its other activities, i.e. keeping economic agendas for companies, emerged. Thanks to this operating experience, the system is continuously developed and improved and following of legal regulations is secured. ITeuro cooperates with ApSo and it uses its services as a creator of the economic system of EIS APSO together with human resource management and payroll which is used by some of our current customers.


RON Software

The company of RON Software spol. s r.o. emerged in 1992. The main goal of this company is development of application economic software. The programs developed by a team of programmers have already made work more pleasant and easier for many companies in our republic. ITeuro is a partner which makes use of cooperation with RON software in supplies of the attendance system or human resource management and payroll.