Product Portfolio

In accordance with our mission we help manufacturing companies reach their goals by better managed processes. To do that, we use the solutions of our partners or our own ones:

Infor SyteLine

A comprehensive information system for manufacturing companies with advanced planning and scheduling of production (APS). The Infor SyteLine is mainly distinguished by the support of make-to-order production, project management, advanced analysis tools, performance indicators and alerts, workflow

Advanced planning and scheduling – APS

The production planning and scheduling module is fully integrated into Infor SyteLine. Production capacity planning is not its only purpose, but it also supports all sales business processes – deadline promise/ verification, purchase – timely provision of material, management – strategic decision to increase capacity (acquisition of machinery, …), analysisof alternatives and others …

Terminal Data Collection – TDC

It is a tool to accelerate and simplify work using terminals and readers of (not only) bar codes. It allows to effectively record production, perform physical inventory, material issue, receipt, shipping and others…

Automatic Data Collection – ADC

The technology of semi-automatic or fully automatic data collection can be used for RFID tags identification or direct connection of technological devices (e.g. weight system) directly to the company information system.

Order configuration – CFG

Configurator is a tool used to configure a customer order or a product. A sophisticated configuration that during the process considers allowed, prohibited and recommended combination of components, dimensions and other product parameters that are associated with automatic changes in bill of materials and technological routing . The configurator replaces the need to create huge number of BOM variants.

Service and maintenance management – FS Plus

Infor Field Service Plus is a module forproviding a service for produced items (own or somebody else’s). Within the FS Plus module, it is possible to record all necessary service features, and others… The module is fully integrated into Infor SyteLine, including APS.

Advanced Plant Maintenance -APM

Provides an internal system to manage preventative maintenance or unexpected service repairs. It manages inventory, purchasing, accounting, shop floor, and scheduling files. The solution is designed for companies which equipment requires regular inspection, calibration, preventative maintenance or possible service repairs.

Quality Control System – QCS

Respects and substantially simplifies fulfilling requirements according to ISO 9001 , provides the basis for the company’s management to adopt systemic measures to improve the quality, data for reports to quality auditors and builds an information framework for continual improvement process.

Product Lifecycle Management – PML

A product to support the management of product development, BOM administration, marketing and processes related to the life cycle of products and all processes of a manufacturing company, including processes not covered by the information system.

WorkSpace application portal

Infor WorkSpace is a portal for employees and management with a possibility of unified access to Infor’s solutions.

Infor BI for SyteLine

This tool helps manufacturing companies to analyze market trends, to understand what drives the performance of your business and allows to make quick and qualified decisions. Thanks to a single platform for analysis, support and decision-making based on data from your ERP system, you have the option to expedite your decision-making processes and prepare yourself for new conditions and opportunities in your business.

Vendor Portal

Every manufacturing company needs for the production materials and components purchased from a range of suppliers. To have the material available at the requested time, in the desired quantity and at an affordable price, timely communication is necessary, or more precisely exchanging and sharing information with the supplier.. This can be achieved by using suitable tools that ensure automation of exchanging and providing information towards the supplier and back and allows delegation some of the activities from the buyer to the suppliers.


CRM (Customer relationship management) is a process of gathering, processing and using information about company’s customers. CRM systems allow you to manage the sales processes so that you can have them under control and manage them effectively.. To be more specific, you will know what orders are being processed, what their status is, and also what the next step is, or what you can do to win them. BLUEJET CRM is a tool that will help you improve these processes.

Time and Attandance Sytem, Human Resources and Payroll System

For the human resources and payroll processes, we use the first-class solution from RON Software – RON Mzdy Profi. It is a comprehensive software for payroll processing and human resources, designed forthe calculation of all types of wages with regard to ease of its use.

The services we offer may vary depending on the industry and production type for which they are intended. Every industry and production type has its own specific features that must be taken into considerations when looking for possible solution.

Our specialization is:

  • General production
  • Engineering
  • Production of large units
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Tool works
  • Metal production
  • Medical equipment
  • Automotive (Tier 2)
  • Furniture