Product Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Be Enterprising

In order to fulfil your lean goals – to make more for less and less – planning abilities are very important. Traditional approaches fail in the case of increase in customers’ satisfaction, stock minimizing or production costs reduction. Planning must be focused on today’s demand of customers, shortening of delivery periods and synchronization of material and capacity flows. If the lean production is supported by planning, you can reach the standard of world-famous companies thanks to the advanced planning and scheduling.

Make Use of Experience

Specialists from Infor, some of them with experience of up to 25 years, help production companies solve their business challenges. On the basis of this experience, the solution of Infor SyteLine APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), which synchronizes utilization of workplaces, stock, delivery resources with job orders, has been created and it enables you to:

  • interconnect planned orders with a source of a requirement
  • plan material and capacities simultaneously
  • enable a product flow without interruption
  • plan in a Just-In-Time manner, which reduces delays
  • plan one job order by the other, which eliminates redundant batch processing.

Focus on Business Needs

Employment of this solution is possible in two ways:

  • fully integrated within the frame of Infor SyteLine ERP
  • independently, with any other solution.

Simultaneous Scheduling of Material and Resources

Infor SyteLine APS will show you how changes of a time schedule and changes in manager decisions will impact your company. It provides balance, optimizes and manages human resources, material, tools, machines and equipment necessary for every job order. Moreover, it gives companies the possibility to flexibly change their production in order to secure the changing demand of customers without any necessity to invest additional capital in resources and machinery of the enterprise. Impacts on the enterprise, originating from possible changes in a production schedule or new requirements of a customer, can be basically evaluated immediately.

Simultaneous Scheduling of Material and Resources

Infor SyteLine APS simultaneously plans all material and capacities needed for fulfilment of a job order. It compares available capacities with the actually designed utilization without any simplified presumption that capacities are endless, i.e. “infinite”. All material necessary for every job order is synchronized with a capacity schedule on all levels of bills of manufacturing, so it is secured that the right material will be available in the right time and in the right place. In case of changes of order fulfilment, changes of production capacities, material availability or constraints in production, re-planning is possible and one can immediately find out the impacts on the enterprise.

Functionality “what-if“

The “What-If” functionality enables Infor SyteLine APS users to determine the impact of various decisions before they are applied to production. For instance, you can put a high-priority job order into a production plan, add overtime hours or substitute your own production by cooperation and you can continuously evaluate which job orders will be affected by these changes and how delivery terms will be changed. All these operations are, in this case, carried out with real data describing the immediate production status. The results, however, do not interfere with the real production plan and they remain only in this simulation database. In this way, you can try various scenarios without any impact on the real production plan and choose the scenario which best fits the needs of the enterprise.

Delivery Terms in Real Time

At the moment of order placement, Infor SyteLine APS provides a possible delivery term which will be based on available capacities and materials. In the case of connection of Infor SyteLine APS with the Infor ERP SyteLine system, the APS functionality is fully integrated into the standard process of order placement in ERP, so it is enough for a user to click on the APS icon on the order placement screen. In this way, the real delivery term on the level of the whole job order or on the detailed level of the job order or on the detailed level of the settlement days of particular operations will be shown in a real time.

Have a Look at Results

Infor SyteLine APS makes a smooth switch-over from one existing planning system to lean planning possible. The solution on the .Net platform by Microsoft is reliable and easy to maintain and control. Our costumers reach dramatic results in a relatively short period – for example increase in performance to 99 % and a significant reduction in stock, lead time and idle time by more than 50 %. Infor SyteLine APS will provide you with everything that a lean and enterprising company needs.



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