Automatic Data Collection

During deployment of information system in managing manufacturing companies, the requirements for time saving in data entry and error elimination during manual data entry are increasing. The technology of semi-automatic or fully automatic data collection can be used for this purpose, such as RFID tags identification or direct connection of technological devices (e.g. weight system) directly to the company information system.

Automatic data collection from machines means:

  • Connecting machine to na Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine)
  • On-line recording of production
  • Monitoring the status of machine/production in time
  • Independence on human factor
  • Output information in different contexts

 Benefits of automatic data collection deployment:

  • Elimination of errors and laboriousness – on-line monitoring of production status, productivity
  • Motivation – projection of current data on large-screen display directly in the shop
  • Feedback – daily evaluation of the plan from information system/reality from the machine
  • Gain in productivity and efficiency – adopting measurements based on the evaluation

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