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Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine) – A Comprehensive System of Manufacturing Enterprise Management

Be Enterprising

Stiff global competition is an everyday part of life in business. Manufacturers have to necessarily reduce costs, shorten the period to introducing of their products to the market and to increase productivity, whereas they still have the same resources at their disposal.

If the necessity of adhering to both national and international regulations and standards determined by the company’s management joins it, the competitive environment becomes even more complex. If you have to manage everything, you have to make production and distribution more effective and to improve an overview of your activities within and outside your company. Thus you will speed up the goods flow and eliminate waste as well as ensure transparency of operations. The ability of your supply chain to react to changes and to manage stock and capacity constraints has to be improved, which can be reached by means of more precise planning of demand, better ensuring of resources and closer cooperation with suppliers. You have to be able to react more quickly to customers’ demands and, at the eleventh hour, to comply with changes of configurations and of an ordered amount, to fulfil a new demand securing immediate availability and to balance requirements for variability thanks to improved quality monitoring and management.

Make Use of Experience

The Infor company is the third biggest supplier of enterprise software in the world and for a lot of years, it has been successfully cooperating with leading manufacturers and distributors from all over the world. We provide business specific solutions based on long-standing experience – their development, sales, implementation and support are carried out by experts who know strategies and tactical problems, operational requirements, the business environment and well-tried business procedures of every field, in which we mix.

Focus on Business Needs

Enterprising companies need software which will satisfy their specific business needs. That’s why producers of every size choose cooperation with the Infor company. They can see that we do not sell universal solutions, which are necessary to be lengthily and expensively modified in order to be able to satisfy customers’ unique requirements. They rely on the fact that we will supply them with tailor-made solutions which will solve their business processes throughout the whole organization and the whole supplier chain and which will secure quick improvement of their investment.

Key Characteristics of the System

  • Hybrid production. Our solution is appropriate even for hybrid production types. From repeated production up to engineering to order, Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine) supports processes which speed up production and satisfy customer’s requirements more quickly.
  • Advanced planning and scheduling (APS). The solution includes fully integrated advanced planning which synchronizes material and capacities for job orders. Therefore, you will be able to promise a real delivery term to your customers, so what you will promise, you will fulfil.
  • Complex product configurator. Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine) provides an integrated tool for order configuration which is precise for a customer and realizable for production.
  • Stock management. Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine) makes it possible to keep low stock and simultaneously prevent lack of material. The solution automates the calculation process and it monitors stock levels – prognoses, safety stock and the size of a lot.
  • Business Intelligence. Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine) includes sophisticated tools for data collection and analysis – while it uses these data for planning and decision making.
  • Customer relationship management. When a change of market occurs, you will be flexible enough to be able to adapt to processes which will satisfy customers and make cooperation with suppliers possible.
  • User environment and customization. New forms and buttons reduce numbers of clicking and enable easier navigation. Tools for customization are fully integrated, which decreases or eliminates risks of possible modifications.

Integration of Infor ERP SyteLine with Other Solutions

The Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine) solution can be extended with the following supplementary applications:

  • Configurator – a solution for product configuration
  • CRM – customer relationship management
  • Business Intelligence – analyses and reports for managers
  • EDI – electronic data interchange
  • Forecasting – forecasting on the basis of historical data and trends.

Have a Look at Results

The system with a functionality which satisfies the needs of a company in today’s world does not need a lot of modifications (customizations), it can be implemented in a relatively short time and it is not necessary to have several IT specialists for its maintenance. Return of such investment is, therefore, relatively fast. From the first day, you will see improvement in data transparency. Planning and scheduling provide not only the newest algorithms, but also traditional setting of parameters which will enable you to get the best from the world of lean production. You will feel improvement in the field of effective stock management soon.

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