The First Solution for Configuration Integrated into the ERP System

Be Enterprising

Currently, the performance of a producer is limited in the market, among other factors, by its ability to maximally satisfy a customer and to offer him/her a product in such a variant or modification, which perfectly comes up to his/her needs. However, this leads to a high number of modifications of one product, which negatively affects production management and planning as well as technical documentation and technological procedures and thence production costs. Producers don’t have to only satisfy customer’s requirements; the best ones exceed these requirements with their speed and activity. The key is the right technology which will support the configuration process at sales, makes it easier and thus makes it possible to fulfil the obligation towards a customer.

Make Use of Experience

Specialists from Infor, some of them with experience of up to 25 years, help production companies solve their business challenges. On the basis of this experience, the Infor SyteLine Configuration solution, which helps vendors make the cycle from demand up to the order more effective, has been created, while it enables you to:

  • increase accuracy of a job order
  • secure reality of every job order
  • shorten lead time
  • satisfy customers’ needs and increase revenues

Focus on Business Needs

The configurator represents a holistic approach to design, business and production of customizable products. This integrated solution provides that configured orders are realizable for the production department thanks to transparency through the areas of stock and scheduling. Built-in rules and regulations makes intuitive configuration of complex products possible, without mistakes. Only the valid combination of features, options and dimensions can be created, offered and ordered.

The configurator includes a graphic interface which provides dealers with a tool for utilization of all merits of the product during order processing.

  • A Guide to Product Selection – questions concerning attributes/requirements, whose result is filtering and finding possibilities which make it easier for a user to choose the right option for the given order.
  • Product Modelling – keeps general models which uses rules and regulations for determination of configuration selection, even for the complex products, intuitively and with no mistakes.
  • Testing in Real Time – a model environment makes it possible to repeatedly develop and test models. Changes can be tested immediately.
  • Product Pricing – provides an accurate price for any configuration, discounts, commissions or any other related costs included.

Configurator Outputs

Configuration codes, information for sales and service, information for production – above all a bill of manufacturing and working procedures can be generated and then used for planning or in production. Other optional outputs include 2D and 3D CAD models, including of a look of a product, product specifications, installation instructions or guarantee information.

Have a Look at Results

The architecture of the configurator makes easy use of this tool by your users possible. All solutions from the Infor SyteLine family do not require too much customization, it is possible to implement them quickly and they quickly bring values. It means almost immediate return of investment. From the first moment, you will see its benefit in data transparency and in your ability to satisfy changing requirements of your customers.


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