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Every manufacturing company needs for the production materials and components purchased from a range of suppliers. To have the material available at the requested time, in the desired quantity and at an affordable price, timely communication is necessary or more precisely exchanging and sharing information with the supplier. This can be achieved by using suitable tools that ensure automation of exchanging and providing information towards the supplier and back and allows delegation some of the activities from the buyer to the suppliers.

Why use Vendor Portal?

Is your communication with a supplier repeatedly losing in the buyer’s inbox?

The communication with a supplier happens mainly via e-mail and telephone. Information is not stored in company information system and it is unavailable to other users. It is up to the buyer, what information or attachments will be entered into the system, if any.

Does ensuring common materials take more time than you like?

Buyers issue and check purchase orders for common materials, so there is less time left to negotiate about price, optimize inventory, and so on. The vendor cannot automatically ensure the material based on the suggestion of the system and so save the buyer’s time because the required information and suitable tool are not available for him.

The vendor does not know current state of the consignment inventory?

The vendor does not have the latest information on consignment inventory and is completely dependent on the information from purchasing department. The buyer has to provide the information on inventory level himself. If he forgets or is not in the office, the vendor is informed too late or not at all.

Vendor does not have the use of the material consumption overview?

Without the inventory level projection, or more precisely item quantity at the customer’s, the vendor does not have the material on hand and requests longer delivery times for the supplies. In case of an unexpected or higher requirement, the vendor is not able to provide the material on the ideal date or in the required quantity.

Key benefits of the Vendor Portal

  • The portal is connected with Infor SyteLine. Data is transmitted both to the portal and back into the information system.
  • Information is automatically transferred to the buyer and vendor by the workflow.
  • The vendor or buyer can add a documentation to a purchase order or its line such as attestation or certification.
  • The vendor is informed about its consignment inventory.
  • The vendor has an overview of planned supplies and item consumption.
  • The vendor may confirm planned purchase orders for material, with or without the buyer’s approval.
  • The vendor has an overview of the reliability of his deliveries.
  • You can create a price quote in the portal, and vendors can respond to it.

Solution – Vendor Portal

Purchase Order Processing

The vendor has an overview of purchase orders that were created to him. He is informed about the desired date and quantity, and he may enter the promised date as a confirmation of when the purchase order will be delivered. Viewing and adding documents is taken for granted, including notification by the workflow.


Material plan confirmation

The vendor is informed about requests for purchase of material based on the result of APS planning. They are also allowed to confirm request, that is to issue request for purchase orders or directly purchase orders for themselves. The vendor have to comply with the rules set by the buyer, such as the maximum quantity and others.

Vendor evaluation

Vendor evaluation from the perspective of delivery timeliness is a standard feature of the Infor SyteLine. The information about the vendor reliability is open to the vendor. So the vendor gets an opportunity for self-reflection and improvement and the buyer resources for argumentation and negotiation.

Consignment inventory overview

The vendor has an overview of the consignment inventory. He is informed by the workflow that item quantity fell below the required level, and so he can immediately respond by replenishing the inventory.

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