Document Management (Doc-Trak)

Infor CloudSuite Doc-Trak can make managing and storing your files easier. Doc-Trak can handle almost any file, and you will have access to information whenever you need them. With Doc-Track, you can:

  • stop wasting time looking for documents,
  • eliminate duplication and save time thanks to work automatization.

Linking information

Doc-Trak allows to link documents from an external storage to records in SyteLine and to work with them. It expands the options of working with standard reports, supports drag & drop storing as well as mass scanning of documents:

  • direct attachments (drag&drop, workflow),
  • virtual attachments (automatic link, based on the defined rules),
  • indirect documents (automatic link to other records such as linking item drawing to purchase order line,
  • to open, print or send the attachment via e-mail.


Document automation

Eliminate duplication with automatized document management in the background while you pursue more important matters. Doc-Trak:

  • adds attached documents (for example drawings, instructions, terms of contract) to selected reports in SyteLine,
  • changes the of name the file of a printed purchase order or production documentation,
  • divides standard reports based on number of the purchase order or job order,
  • archives printed or sent reports according to the specified rules.

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