Terminal Data Collection

Terminal Data Collection (TDC) is an application which allows reading current data from Infor SyteLine as well as on-line writing data to the system, information flow is so bidirectional. Apart from common functions related to inventory such as physical inventory, the TDC allows recording transactions even for production and shipping.

Benefits of this solution are: 

  • Running on any device supporting Microsoft. NET 2.0 platform
  • Optimized for fast and mistake-free data collection
  • User-friendly client interface
  • Built-in on-line check-ups of data entries
  • Price model is based on transactions actually used – don´t pay for what you don´t need

Transactions are basic element of the TDC application. It is actually a functionality of the information system, which you can do using the TDC. Each transaction includes a set of forms which are needed to achieve the desired result. Individual transactions can be interconnected (for example the Quantity Move transaction may be connected with the Item Information transaction).

The solution currently involves following transactions:


  • Item information
  • Inventory cycle count
  • Quantity move
  • Delivery note preparation
  • Job material issue
  • Miscellaneous issue/receipt
  • Missing material in production
  • Preparation of PO receipt
  • Preparation of CO shipping
  • Purchase order receiving


  • Start/finish setup
  • Start/finish run
  • Start/finish machine
  • Setup time reporting
  • Run time reporting
  • Pieces reporting
  • Overview of employee’s work

Internal maintenance

  • Event reporting
  • Event list
  • Service order reporting 

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