Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o., Krnov

Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o.  is the leading regional machinery business focusing on manufacturing, modernization and repairs of rail vehicles and manufacturing machinery components.

Variel, a.s., Zruč nad Sázavou

Variel, a.s specializes in production and sale of technological, military and mobile containers, utility sheds, bus stop shelters, stands, slides and post boxes.

Ostravské opravny a strojírny, spol. s.r.o., Ostrava

Ostravské opravny a strojírny is the largest repair plant for rail vehicles in Czech Republic with longtime experience in this fieldsince 1847. 

ROSTRA s.r.o., Vizovice

The tool and molding works ROSTRA was established in 2000 and carries on the long-sanding tradition of precision machinery production in the Zlín region.

Otavské strojírny, a.s., Plzeň

Otavské strojírny takes up the fifty-year-long tradition of engineering production, assemblies and repairs. It is engaged in production of big shelving units, dippers for dredgers, construction of air-conditioning units for trains as well as sheet cutting and bending.

Technologické centrum, a.s., Brno

Today, Technologické centrum a. s., is one of the leading companies in the Czech Republic in the field of sheet-metal working laser-cutting and CNC bending technologies.

CONSTRUCT A & D, a.s., Velké Meziříčí

The CONSTRUCT  A & D company is the biggest Czech producer and supplier of mechanical anti-theft systems for vehicles.

ISAN Radiátory s.r.o., Blansko

ISAN Radiároty, s.r.o. is the biggest manufacturer of bathroom tubular radiators in the Czech Republic. ISAN exports about 90 % of its production abroad, mainly to the European Union countries.

Primus CE s.r.o., Příbor

Primus CE is one of the leading commercial laundry machine manufacturers in Europe with a strong presence in North America, Asia and the Middle East. 

Nábytek Exner, spol. s r.o., Kutná Hora

The company of Nábytek Exner, spol. s r. o. is a significant manufacturer and distributor of office furniture and interior accessories.

JTEKT Automotive Czech Pardubice, s.r.o., Pardubice

JTEKT Automotive Czech Pardubice specializes in production of precision mechanical parts for gears of passenger cars.

Strojírny Třinec, a. s., Třinec

Strojírny Třinec, a.s. is a company with a long-standing tradition of manufacturing a wide range of products, such as technological units, steel constructions, equipment for metallurgical plants, mechanical components, spare parts, metallurgical rolls and railway superstructure fastenings – track fastenings.

Česká zbrojovka, a.s., Uherský Brod

Česká zbrojovka a. a company operating in the precision mechanical engineering field in the branches of weapons for armed military and police units as well as for sporting and hunting purposes, of products, parts and assemblies for the aviation and automotive industries and special tooling for engineering production.

GRUND, a.s., Mladé Buky

GRUND a. s.  deals with development, manufacture and sale of bathroom rugs, curtains, poles and other bathroom accessories.

Ondřejovická strojírna, spol. s.r.o., Ondřejovice – Zlaté Hory

Ondřejovická strojírna specializes in job production of pressure-equipment according to Czech and foreign standards.

BIKE FUN International s.r.o., Kopřivnice

BIKE FUN International s.r.o. is a producer of top-quality bicycles of several brands, which are exported to many countries in Europe.

FINIDR, s.r.o., Český Těšín

The printing house of Finidr, one of the biggest producers of hardback and paperback books and publications in the Czech Republic.

HON a. s., Skřipov

The HON company is the Czech leading producer of office furniture and interior accessories. 

ZKDesign a.s., Velká Polom

The line of business of ZKDesign is production of specific products in furniture and interior fields.