BIKE FUN International s.r.o.

BIKE FUN International s.r.o. is a producer of high-end bicycles of several brands, which are exported to many European countries.

  • Industry:                   engineering
  • Production Type:    engineer-to-order, make-to-order
  • Repeatability:          piece, serial
  • Products:                  ERP, APS, TDC, Workflow

Reasons for change

  • reduction of complexity and operational management by processing data in ERP system
  • standardization and measurement in the planning process
  • enhancing the quality of material supplies
  • reduction of changes in customer orders


BFI cooperates with leading manufacturers of cyclo-components. The main program is the production of bicycles and spare parts. In case of customer orders in a form of long-term contract with a gradual delivery, it is a make-to-stock, serial production. Because of gradual insertion of sales forecasts for individual models, it is possible to plan the gradual material consumption and regulate on-hand quantity of finished goods. Using APS , the company ensures a minimul level of inventory, delivery timeliness of all components and JIT production (Just In Time).

Benefits of using information system

  • The availability of material for production is checked against all customer orders in the system in a form of exceptions analysis and orders generated by the system
  • APS system ensures a minimum level of inventory and delivery timeliness of all components and JIT production
  • The use of tools from the system increased the speed of response to problems
  • Improved quality of deliveries