Česká zbrojovka, a.s.

Česká zbrojovka a. s. operates in the precision mechanical engineering in the branches of weapons for armed military and police units, as well as for sporting and hunting purposes; it also produces products, parts and assemblies for the aviation and automotive industries and special tooling for engineering production. 

  • Industry:                        engineering, automotive
  • Production type:         design-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock
  • Repeatability:               piece, serial, mass
  • Products:                      ERPAPSTDC, interface to SAP and ASEPO,  Plant Maintenance

Reasons for change

  • Unification of business processes, more transparent and accurate information for decision-making and management
  • Each company department used a special application; IT department connected them using batch transfers.
  • Planning of production for three months ahead with limited possibility of changes.
  • The need to increase production throughput without increasing its physical capacity (both machine and human), reduce WIP and inventories and reduce the total lead time of production. 


As for the precision mechanical engineering, the company produces weapons, both to order and to stock. Development to order relates, for example, to weapons specially modified by gilding and other technologies. After their technological processing, these orders are added to production orders and handled as standard arms production. The company also accepts cooperative orders for shaping or refining material (such as hardening), putting emphasis on calculation of the service for external customers. As regards the automotive industry, the company produces aluminum parts for brakes.

The deployment of APS planning gained the company an overview about capacity utilization of lines and prediction of starting material. The serial production is driven by forecasts created by cooperation of sales and logistics department. Forecasts are consumed by master production schedules, from which job orders are released. All types of demands and supplies are processed and updated by APS planning on daily basis. It is essential that starting materials and manufactured parts are available for production at the right time using JIT method (Just In Time). The emphasis is also put on accurate shop floor work schedules.

Benefits of using the information system

  • Decrease in inventories by 25 million after the first 6 months of using SyteLine. 
  • Reduction of production lead time from 75 to 45 days.
  • Improvement of supplier reliability from 70 to 90%. 
  • Reduction in work in progress by 60%. 
  • Increase of production volume by 25% without increasing capacity.
  • Early identification of surplus inventory and work in process, shortage of purchased materials and manufactured items.
  • Identification of slow-moving materials and finished goods.
  • Unified and comprehensive information system which covers key business areas.