HON a.s.

HON is a prominent Czech manufacturer of office furniture and interior accessories.
  • Industry:                   furniture
  • Production Type:  engineer-to-order, make-to-order
  • Repeatability:         piece, serial
  • Products:                 ERP, APS, Business Intelligence, Data Collection

Reasons for change

  • Comprehensive information system with access to data from own applications
  • Unification of data base and production processes
  • Solution which allows customization according to one´s wishes and requirements
  • Need for better management due to rapid growth of production


Customers themselves can define the desired product (for example shape and dimensions of a table top), and the atypical item is then handed over to the production. Both bill of materials and technology are created in a specialized product for furniture configuration. By its nature, it is a case of piece production. Because of the deployment of Infor SyteLine, HON achieved significant shifts to improve the management of all key production processes.

Benefits of using information system

  • The actual creation of a comprehensive information system, i.e. unified data base that ensures integrity and consistency of data for the system or external applications.
  • Clarification and streamlining of information flow through all processes within one comprehensive system solution.
  • Detailed monitoring of the status of individual customer orders (order entry, its processing and shipping)
  • Planning and management of large production volumes using APS.