Infor Advanced Plant Maintenance

Infor Advanced Plant Maintenance (APM) makes it possible for organizations to manage their entire internal maintenance process, from scheduling preventative maintenance events to handling the unexpected service repair.

Advanced Plant Maintenance (APM):

  • reduces equipment downtime
  • improves resource utilization
  • streamlines service operations

Plant Maintenance reduces downtime because it ensures that all activities associated with the preventative maintenance are completed exactly as planned.”

Brad Harrison, Better Baked Foods IT Manager

APM is seamlessly integrates to Infor SyteLine provides organizations with an internal system to manage preventative maintenance schedules and/or service repairs. It manages inventory, purchasing, accounting, shop floor, and scheduling files. Any organization with equipment needing routine inspection, calibration, preventative maintenance, or potentially service repairs on equipment can benefit from this integrated service management solution.

Plan preventative maintenance to minimize the impact on production

APM helps the organization be proactive in its approach to maintenance of machines, tools, fixtures, fleet, facility, or plant assets. preventative maintenance schedule means fewer equipment failures.

Preventive maintenance reduces the threat of sub-par performance due to improperly maintained equipment and fixtures. Overall quality levels can be sustained. In addition, by tracking maintenance expense over time, organizations can make better, informed decisions about future ― repair versus replacement options.

Now your organization can effectively manage the entire maintenance process:

  • Unit configuration – can be used to track the detailed configuration of any date. Each line item can have its own set of comments and its own warranty tracking information. Service orders for preventative maintenance, inspection and calibration can be generated automatically. For tools and less complex equipment, the configuration need not be built.
  • Automated SRO scheduling – Each unit has a unit master record. Service orders of any user-defined type such as ―PM for preventive maintenance or ―INSP for inspection may be established to automatically generate either on a time or meter basis. All service orders are tied to the proper machines and tools giving the user the ability to track all costs.
  • Resource scheduling – When reviewing the schedules for a resource or resource group, the user can view shift exceptions (for blocks of time required to perform maintenance on the resource). With a click of the mouse, the list of maintenance orders generated for a resource or resource group can also be shown.
  • Incident/event tracking – All service repair requests can be managed via the Incident Maintenance form. Calls may be related to specific preventative maintenance or service order item or any item/part within the unit configuration. Full user-defined traceability is supported for multi-level reason and resolution codes. If a unit is identified as part of the incident, warranty information is made available to the user. Priority and status codes are a basis for escalation and reporting.

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