Did you know that a managed document can be added to any record in SyteLine?

It was always possible to attach an document in the form of a note in SyteLine, or more precisely by inserting a reference to a file on the network storage. In SyteLine 8 it is also possible to load documents directly into the database. That wouldn’t be anything special if the process of inserting/changing the document couldn’t be managed by workflow together with document access right management.

How Inserting Works

A document can be inserted to any SyteLine record; instruction for use of a product or contract with vendor or customer represent a typical example. In order to insert the document, it is necessary to have types of documents defined (form Document Types). Word or Excel are not document type, but the purpose is, such as instructions or contracts.

Inserting is performed using the Display Document for Current Object icon, which opens a linked form Attached Documents. One document can be shared among records, for example instructions, or general terms and conditions. The document can be attached without any reference to a specific record using Documents.

Documents Form

Access Control

Different users have access to different types of documents. Not everyone can have a right to load, delete, view or export a document, that is to perform a selected action with the document.

If the users is not allowed to load documents, it is sufficient only to remove the user or group a right to Import button. The steps for delete, export and view action are similar to the above mentioned example.

If only selected users should access the document, you should use group settings in the document type definition. For example, if only sales department is supposed to work with contract document type, then add the sales group to contracts on Document Types form.

Document Approval

The form for inserting documents is a standard SyteLine form: any action that inserts, changes or deletes a record may trigger a linked workflow. Let’s consider the following process: user attaches a new document – customer contract. The workflow system triggers a request for approval, which is sent to the sales department manager. The manager reads the contract and approves or rejects it. Workflow subsequently adds the manager’s decision to the appropriate record in the Status field.


  • Attached documents are stored in SyteLine database and linked to records in the information system (customer, item, …).
  • Users can only see and work with document types to which access was granted.
  • Attaching or changing a document can be approved in electronic from using workflow.
  • It is possible to create a library of managed documents without link to a specific record.