Did you know that Otlook can show sales data from SyteLine?

Do you need complete information about communication with a customer, for example about an order? Who talked to the customer and about what? But where to quickly find such information? From Outlook where I have all my business contacts, e-mails and tasks? Should I search in SyteLine where all orders, deadlines… are stored? What if a colleague is not at work and I, of course, don’t have access to his/her e-mails …


As a salesperson I need relevant information when I communicate with current or potential customer. But if it is stored at different locations, it might get lost or unavailable. The solution is to store the data into SyteLine CRM module. This ensures sharing among salespersons, as well as linking to other data in the information system. On the other hand, it is necessary to provide the data to the salesperson as quickly as possible, preferably directly in Outlook, which is used as the main communication tool.

Outlook plugin provides two-way communication with SyteLine:

  • Synchronization of key master files / data into SyteLine or Outlook – contacts, tasks, meetings.
  • Adding sent or received e-mail into communication record in SyteLine.
  • Displaying information from SyteLine about orders and communication with customer in Outlook.
  • Automatic generation of references in SyteLine for the data found.

Transfer of Master Files and E-mails

It is up to the user to decide which system is the main; that is if the data are primarily created in Outlook and then copied into SyteLine, or the other way round. It can be, of course, determined what data will be stored in SyteLine, which means that the privacy is preserved and no ballast is transferred. The tool can be used for an initial import of contacts into the information system.

Outlook Plugin shows additional information from SyteLine for the selected contact

Displaying Information about Orders and Communication

Using the e-mail address, Outlook will find the customer and download information from ERP. So the user sees last customer orders and also a preview of any communication stored in SyteLine directly in Outlook. Communication means not only e-mails of the given salesperson, but also phone calls, letters and so on that are stored in the information system by any user.

Outlook Plugin shows information about a customer from SyteLine on sent/received e-mail

Automatic References in SL

The Outlook plugin can compare a text of an e-mail message with selected data in SyteLine. For example, it can compare words in an e-mail with items master file. Plugin will mark any items found in body of the message and add to them a reference that by double-click displays the given item in SyteLine.


  • Contacts, tasks and meetings are stored at one location and shared among users.
  • Communication including e-mails is stored and shared in ERP.
  • Data about customers, customer orders and communication are displayed in Outlook, in a tool commonly used by a salesperson.
  • With just one click, a lot of information is available.
  • Evaluation of salespersons’ activity using KPI and data views in Workbench module.