Did you know that in SyteLine you can work with items in bulk using containers?


You can imagine a container as a pallet, lift truck or a real container that you fill with material, products Containersand so on. Subsequently, you perform a desired action with the whole container, such as shipping a customer order, issue to a job order or a work center. Any transaction with a container is made with its entire content. The content of a container can be, of course, edited at any time.

Container can be filled in a several ways: manually, when you select and entry individual items (including lots and serial numbers), for example for a job order. You can also fill a container from a purchase order receipt (items are not received to stock but directly to the container). The container filled with working aids can then go to a workplace. It is also possible to fill a container by receipt from return material Authorization (RMA) or production


What moves can you make with containers?

  • Transfer between stock locations or warehouses.
  • Miscellaneous issue, for example tracking waste.
  • Content of a container can be shipped from a customer order.
  • Material issue to a job order.
  • Issue of overhead material and aids to a workplace.
  • Issue to a project, for example material for a prototype construction.

Work Center Material Transactions

The system considers an item added to a container as reserved for that container. Available quantity of an item is decreased by its quantity in containers. For every container, there is also defined a method of its use. It may be of type “warehouse”, that it is without any restrictions on the type of transaction, customer order, project or job order. In such cases, the container may be used only for a specific job order, project or customer order.

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