Do you know that since Workbech 8.03.10 you can distinguish lines by color and create links to related forms?

Workbench module is a great complement of SyteLine 8 information system. Apart from KIP indicators it enables you to compile data views, that is to extract data from one or more linked forms. The extracted data can be simply filtered, add to them calculated columns, group them and also save your own version of a view for re-use. Another enhancement is now available – a color distinguishing of even and odd-numbered lines as well as possibility to add a link to forms related to the given field.

Color Distinguishing of Lines

The main purpose of this enhancement is clear arrangement– during installation color schemes are automatically added (such as blue and green), which distinguish the even and odd lines, so that the orientation in data is a bit more simpler. Using DataView StyleSetup form you can set up your own combination of font and background color. User can change the color style anytime via View – Style option.

Related Forms

Possibility to quickly go to a form with related data is essential. Up to now, it was possible to automatically display detail of a field, for example if the user right-clicks on item code, the item record is displayed. The administrator can now define multiple forms to be displayed in a local menu. Linking is not limited only to other forms; it is possible to attach another data views and define own filters.

Setting is performed on DataView Action Setup form. Many links are part of the standard installation, so you can use these or define your own by copying it.

Data views are colored Benefits

  • Easier and faster orientation in a recordset.
  • Form display with details for changing related data – for example job order release.
  • Own filter for linked forms – for example customer orders to be shipped in 3 days.
  • Displaying other related data view.
  • Opening of form performing an action – for example shipping of selected customer order or issuing material to job order.