Infor CPQ (Configure Price Quote) – a cutting-edge configurator for products and orders that interfaces with any ERP system and markedly speeds up the sales, production and planning processes.

Key Features

  • Flexible solution combinable with any ERP system
  • Powerful configurator for any type of product
  • Speeding up business processes from days or weeks to minutes
  • Support for standardisation of custom manufacturing components
  • Automatic preparation of production documentation and references forproduction planning
  • 2D and 3D models compatible with other CAD tools, speeding up development
  • Tapping into and preserving the know-how of experienced staff through configuration models and conditions
  • Easy updating of products and prices, a sophisticated calculation system and the possibility of using existing data, tables and product lists
  • Web portal with dynamic pricing options for dealers and partners, with support for integration into an existing web interface
  • Optional B2B Enterprise Quoting (EQ) portal for even more efficient sales of configurable and standard products
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Infor CPQ is a modern tool for companies with a configurable product range and custom production. It streamlines the key processes of creating commercial quotes and assigning orders to production. The solution consists of four modules and thus provides a high degree of variability. It can process commercial quotes and orders, prepare 2D and 3D technical documentation (drawings) according to selected parameters, submit job orders with a link to advanced planning and communicate with customers and suppliers via a web portal.

The configurator greatly simplifies and speeds up all these processes. Moreover, it is not tied to a specific ERP and can be interlinked with any primary information system already in use.

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What Infor CPQ is Capable of

The greatest added value of Infor CPQ-based solutions is in time savings, accurate specification of the task and the elimination of errors. The configurator can automate many activities, freeing up workers’ hands for more important tasks. Processes that used to take hours, days or weeks because of the manpower that was required or their complexity can be shortened to minutes. And they are done with precision.

Infor CPQ absorbs and accumulates a company’s technical know-how, which stays in the company even in the event of the departure of key workers. New hires are not faced with such rigorous professional demands as the application is easy to use and all the necessary knowledge is stored inside the tool in defined bindings and configuration conditions. The configurator will automatically take care of creating the BOM, preparing documentation and planning production according to available capacities.


In Which Manufacturing Industries Can the Infor CPQ Configurator Typically Be Used

ITeuro s.r.o ITeuro s.r.o

Machinery and equipment

ITeuro s.r.o ITeuro s.r.o


ITeuro s.r.o ITeuro s.r.o

Industrial electrical appliances

ITeuro s.r.o ITeuro s.r.o

Furniture making, windows and doors, prefabricated halls

ITeuro s.r.o ITeuro s.r.o

Printing and packaging

ITeuro s.r.o ITeuro s.r.o

Air handling, heating and air conditioning

ITeuro s.r.o ITeuro s.r.o

Bicycles and sports equipment

Why Infor CPQ

Infor CPQ is a modular solution from Infor, a leading international manufacturing software maker. The configurator was designed to meet the needs of many global companies, but it is also interconnectable with any ERP, including local Czech systems. Unlike other similar products, Infor CPQ not only covers the preparation of commercial quotes, but also comprehensively processes the documents needed for production, including drawings and procedures. Naturally, it can handle the customer’s configuration of the product in the web portal, as well as prepare the product details as references for future service needs.


Modules and Selected Features of Infor CPQ

Uniform and fast creation of quotes, easy modification of product features and prices, dynamic BOM creation, dynamic packaging and shipping instructions

Real-time visualisations of configured products, dynamic 2D models and drawings compatible with CAD tools, generation of faithful 2D visualisations, calculations with complex structural, mathematical and geometric logic, compiling BOMs

Automated creation of detailed drawings and production information, dynamic generation of 3D models of specific configurations, model templates in 3D CAD outputs, identification of components in the product BOM according to a model, shop drawings, documents for CNC instructions

Web interface for a comprehensive quoting and ordering system, including price lists and visualisations, dealer access with dynamic pricing, online portal fully functional even via mobile phone and tablet, easy integration with other systems

What Infor CPQ Looks Like

Order receipt with product configuration in the Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP system

Infor CPQ enables the entire business process for configurable products to be executed easily in a few clicks within the Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP or separately in connection with another information system.

Benefits of Infor CPQ

  • Streamlining the entire process from enquiry to product dispatch
  • Error-free step-by-step order processing, with visualisation of the selected configuration for better decision making
  • Effective handling of more enquiries in the same amount of time
  • Clarifying orders and guaranteeing their feasibility
  • Simplifying product updates and the implementation of new products
  • Standardisation of custom manufacturing components
  • Automation of processes and less rigorous demands on staff
  • Transferring and maintaining the know-how of people in the organisation and the system
  • Making custom production configurations available to partners and end customers with dynamic pricing
  • Improving customer and after-sales service


Infor CPQ in Customers’ Own Words

"Today every customer wants something special that only they will have. For a large company of our size to be able to respond to these demands, mass customisation directly from the factory is the only viable long-term solution."

"The variety of our products and product lines is so diverse that there was no other way to handle it than through the configurator. It is the very start of an order, which is subsequently followed by the manufacturing process. The Infor CPQ Configurator has long been promoting our company's growth and improvements in conditions for clients."

"You will be ahead of the competition not only in production but also in the speed of pricing. Thanks to the sales person's ability to configure the product, the price is calculated quickly and used for the subsequent processing of price quotations. We manage to do everything, from configuration of the product in the order, from which the exact BOM is generated, through production up to shipment, in five business days."

"All our production, which accounts for about 70% of total sales, goes through the configurator. We know the exact configuration of each machine, including all the particularities, so we can take specific spare parts. It makes the preparation easier and saves us a lot of time."


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Infor CPQ is a great extension to any ERP system. And we have other useful accessories in our portfolio as well. Or, if your existing ERP no longer suits you, we can offer you a proven ERP system from world-class manufacturers.

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